Look into my eyes....

says Billy to his human :)

EBB (emergency Billy blip) tonight after taking over a hundred shots of different things (none of which were just that 'blip' I was looking for), I just managed to capture Billy mid roll... Not sure I've ever managed to capture him straight on like this before though :)

Very busy at work again!

When I got home I fell asleep on the sofa until my mobile rang. Didn't get to the phone in time, and ended up listening to a voicemail, then having to ring someone to pass the message on, whilst still not really awake.

Apologies if I don't reply or comment on all your journals this week... I'm very busy preparing craftwork for some 30 children to do next weekend in Sunday School (ages 3-11 and all at different stages of course)!

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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