Daddy longlegs

He's taken after his grandpa - 'Larry Legs' who had the most stilt like legs... Well look who has the same, his grandson, Louie!  Sexy legs Louie!

I spent most of the day exercising then packing - on Saturday I'm away for a week in Herefordshire, where there will be no phone, no mobile signal, no internet and no telly - totally cut off from the 21st century - I can't blooming wait!  I think everyone should have at least a whole week away from technology, I'm sure it will do wonders!  From the wrinkles on my face to the hours less I sleep every night as I stare at my phone reading today's news, or Facebook, or, do I dare say?  Blipfoto! ;)  So I will be disappearing for a week... just to forewarn you and as for Louie, I have two friends coming to look after him and feed the other critters in my garden and another friend on stand by too!  Oh and another on hedgehog feeding duty as well!  All sorted! :) xxx

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