By ChrisGroucutt

Testing Times

Eldest little one has just completed his SATs. (A series of tests in the UK designed to assess the levels that 10/11 yr olds are working at). They don't do the job particularly well, but still our kids are being put through 4 days of them, so this whole week has been in no small part about supporting him, and making sure his mind stays healthy, whole and happy.

To celebrate the end of the ordeal, we watched Independence Day on the tellybox. Can't beat a bit of mindless alien-bashing to wind down with. Obviously with him being too young to go down the Vino route as yet.

Also today, the littlest little one had her BikeAbility cycling proficiency course and test... a lot more fun than SATs.

I figured her little pink spoke star would be a much nicer blip than an old torn up test paper, if not quite as poignant.


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