What The Blip!

By JebusBlips

X Marks The Spot

Today was all about a long overdue visit with my old school friend Warren,  who now lives in Frinton with his girlfriend and 2 adorable daughters.

But before arriving in Frinton I decided to stop off in Maldon for a bit of parkrun tourism.

Because Maldon is an hours drive and the 5k always starts at 9, I was up at 7 and on the road by 8. Upon arrival I parked up and asked for directions to the start line.  Yes that's right people, I am a man who will ask for directions!

The course is located in Maldon's Promenade Park and is a beautiful route around a lake and out to tip of promenade and back, then repeat.

Not that you would guess from my treatment of this image but it was a beautiful day; blue skies, fluffy clouds but with a bit of a headwind along the promenade. Despite the wind and taking in the sights I still managed a respectable 23:21, and worked up a sweat.

Job done, I got back on the road and headed to Frinton. It was great to catch up with Warren who is not only one of oldest friends but also oldest foes at Madden, the American Football computer game.

After a fish and chip supper and many hours of furiously pressing buttons marked X, Y, B and A, I headed home.

All things lead to X...

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