By Photogen

The Breeding Season

This pair of swans have produced a brood for several years and are attentive parents, but the cygnets have never survived more than two or three days according to the local people. There are large pike in this part of the canal that have ended the little creatures' fragile lives in one gulp. This brood is now 8 days old, so they have survived longer than other years. Fingers crossed that the pike have swum elsewhere and this pair has a fighting chance of its brood reaching maturity. 
I've no idea if swans remember past failed attempts. If they do then they must be on tenterhooks. The cob is certainly very intolerant of ducks swimming anywhere near and sees them off in no uncertain terms. However, it's the hidden menace below that's the real danger. I could not resist uploading another 3 shots. It may be the last I see of them.

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