Bright Poppy

on a windy day :)

I forgot to take my camera to work today (to blip by the river on the way home).  I managed to take a few shots in the garden before it all clouded over again :)

They really are trying to get rid of me at work, seems like I have to run everywhere (do everything much faster :(( ) instead of taking time to make sure things are correct...  The sooner I can find another job the better! I've decided to start recording all the interruptions I get from tomorrow (without them seeing hopefully)...

Anyone know anything about getting Careers Advice these days as an adult?  Thinking about trying to change career to something else, but not sure if I'm good enough...

In other news, I am thinking about possibly going to London on Saturday (brave since I'm not keen on crowds) or perhaps Oxford!  Anyone like to meet up?

Happy Monday folks :)

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