Much Wenlock in mono

Much Wenlock is a small Shropshire town just down the road from Ironbridge.  It is small of beautiful old buildings and interesting little shops.

The buildings in this shot are the Guildhall which is still used for markets, exhibitions and meetings today and the ancient church of Holy Trinity.  I always like a trip there.

Our usual reason for visiting the town is to go to and Ecclesiastical outfitters - today was the fourth visit we have made there (I got caught speeding on one of my previous trips!!!!)  and we haven't been there for nearly four years.  Fascinating shop!  I have to wear a cassock for some of the things I do at church and thanks to Slimming World my cassock was like a tent.  It has finally reached the point where it needing altering...


Wonder of wonders - it was too big to even contemplate altering it!

So I now have a new, very nicely fitting cassock.  Brendan and Julie who own the business have been doing Slimming World for 4 weeks and they said they have been really inspired by my achievement!   Expensive, but good...

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