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By ajt

Log Pile

Today I spent most of the day making a log store out of two old pallets, a child's bed (child not included) and some old fence posts. When it was all done and my better half put all the logs into it I thought it deserved a blip. The observant who have read this far will note the blip is either an extremely well camouflaged wood store or it's actually a foxglove.

The problem is when I came out with my camera the light was fantastic at the front of the house so I had to take some flower pictures, the wood store in the shade wasn't so exciting, though I do have a good picture of it in case anyone wants to see wood piled up...

Anyhow it's another blip of a foxglove (Digitalis purpurea), it may even be the same one as a a few days ago but it's from further away today.

Enjoy! And now it's time for home made nachos and the Bond film which I've already missed the intro too.....! BTW: I'm not a Bond film, but it's a bank holiday so there should be a Bond film on TV...

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