By tepeka


This was (almost) the sight that faced me when I arrived into work this morning. The whisky was still inside the hip flask, but you know what I mean...

I was chatting to a lady in my office yesterday who told me that her daughter had just given birth, making her a granny for the first time. She said that her husband, to celebrate the occasion, had opened a bottle of whisky that his father had given to him 30 years ago. An auspicious occasion indeed.

Anyway, I jokingly said that if she wanted to decant some of the whisky and bring it into the office, it'd find a good home. And so, she did. And it did.

The glass she brought in said Kilbeggan, which is an Irish whiskey, but the flash actually contains a single malt Scotch, Royal Lochnagar. And wonderful it was too.

A pretty good way to start the day (and no, I didn't drink it at work at 10am, tempted though I was).

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