Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tales of Sex and Predation...

This, clearly, is the "predation" part of the story...this handsome Lancet Clubtail is busy devouring some sort of small flying insect that he'd just caught.  Trust the ode-expert in our group to spot this guy - the only dragon we saw today.  

My walking/nature group met at High Point State Park this morning and set out to see plants, warblers, bugs and all manner of other interesting things.  One of the things I really like about this group is that there are so many of them who know so much about different aspects of nature - I always learn things when I am with them.  And I always come away realizing how little I know!  

So, I know you are wondering about the reference to "sex" in the title ... c'mon, you know you want to know!  Does it get any sexier than two crane flies getting their groove on?  Okay, well, maybe that's a stretch, but it was still kind of fascinating.  And be glad I didn't decide to include the shot I got later of a caterpillar pooping!  

I posted six other shots on Flickr starting here with two unknown larvae.  And can I just say that if you'd told me seven years ago that I'd find larvae fascinating, I'd have told you you were nuts.  Goes to show you how life takes you on its own path, doesn't it?

Most interesting yard bird today was a Hairy Woodpecker, the first I've seen since returning to NJ.  Hoping they bring their fledglings around this summer like they did last year.  

I went out to sit on the deck for a few minutes when I got back from the walk and when I heard a little noise, I turned around and found Lemmy on the chair next to mine looking at me as if to say "where are my peanuts?"  It amazes me that the little creature obviously remembers me from last year.  Of course, I immediately produced peanuts which she daintily took from my fingers.  Life is good.  And you will certainly be seeing more of Lemmy this summer.



Garden Notes:  the phlox is now almost 3 feet high and the bee balm is trying to catch up.  I've started six milkweed plants which are all doing well and will be transferred to the garden when they are a little bigger.  Have to remember to start the lobelia too, as the hummers love it.  The pot of honeysuckle is looking amazingly healthy and is about to bloom.  And the clamatis is busy climbing up the side of the house.  

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