Talk Radio

A productive day today. I had the first year HNDs this morning then the NC Graphics group. All were working away on projects, but I was able to help out with a few problems.

After that I headed up to the radio studio where some of Conor's students needed to do an interview for their graded unit so I was the interviewee. It was pretty nerve wracking to be honest but good fun.

From there I went to see some of the art guys setting up for their exhibition with Neil Russell helping them and was able to offer what will hopefully prove to be some helpful suggestions for their final work.

The day was wrapped up with my first year group again where I was able to help three of them get their motion graphics elements sorted out and help Silvia put together a distance sensor with arduino so that her interactive advertising part of her project reacts to people walking past it.

Oh, and I helped Zsuzsi  from the graphics HN, who has recently joined blip, out a bit too.

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