Catbird breakfast

Catbird info for anyone curious. These are such fun and vocal birds, we love our returning couple.

Mrs. Oriole is making amazing progress on her hanging basket nest. It's really well hidden, suspended from a branch high in a maple tree next to the house . It's quite large and looks nearly complete. She is still very busy with Mr. supervising everything.

We had a marvelous time, in swanky seats at Fenway Park last night with DDW( and Mr. W) thanks to their kind generosity. The Red Sox won and we woke up still smiling from the fun evening.

For the Record,
This day came in cool and sunny. I bought the plants to decorate the family graves in honor the upcoming Memorial Day. I'll plant them soon.

All hands healing.

!!!!!!!!!!!! Check my extra photo!!!!!!!!!!
My dearest tame chipmunk, Fyra, has returned, the exact date and as lateness as her return last year. I screamed out loud to Raspberry, "She's Back !! " Of course I cried, ran for the Nikon and got a shot through the glass door as she collected peanuts for yet another year, 5 or 6 at least!

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