By Landscapeartist

Please Be Gentle

I have a soft spot for guinea pigs and this one was especially cute and called Honey. Apparently she doesn't like being caught by the lady in Pet's Corner. I don't blame her. She must realise that she's going to be squeezed, pummelled, prodded and probably dropped by lots of over zealous children.

I managed to get out of the house for a few hours this afternoon. My eldest daughter and I, took the two boys over to Roves Farm near Swindon. It's not cheap but it's a proper working farm, with plenty for the boys to do. We even got to do a tractor ride around the farm and saw a wild deer, heron, Canada Geese, alpacas, highland cows and plenty of lambs. 

The boys were asleep before we got back out to the main road and Honey made it safely back to her pen, fairly unscathed :-)

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