Remembering Quintinshill

One hundred years ago, on May 22nd 1915, there was a terrible train crash, the UK’s worst railway disaster. A Liverpool-bound troop train collided head on with a local passenger train just North of Gretna at Quintinshill. Then the Glasgow-bound express ploughed into the wreckage, causing it to burst into flame. 230 people died, including 216 soldiers, plus a driver and a fireman. Both the driver and the fireman came from Carlisle and a special affinity with the disaster is felt. Yesterday a ceremony of remembrance was held at Carlisle Station.

Apparently some stones, a sort of cairn, was laid at the station, but when I went to search it out today, I was told that the stones had to be ‘glued’ together in case ‘some drunk person decided to throw the stones onto the track’!
There were two commemorative wreaths however – one on behalf of the Railway Industry and one from the Royal Scots. You can also see in the picture a piece of art work made up of train tickets on which people have embroidered Forget-me-Nots.
Next time I am at the station I will see if the stones have been glued together!

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