After the blink

A great Blipmeet in Gateshead organised by GailyWhaley. Lovely to meet Blippers I have known for a while and others who were new to me. A fine group of people. And a backdrop of one of my favourite places - The Sage. 

We watched the Millennium Bridge ‘blink’ – organised of course by the wonderful group leader (she can tell me anything!). She had also managed to make sure of the fine weather – a bit breezy though.
Eventually we left the group and went on our way down the coast. Had a good walk along the sands at Seaham and then home.
A brilliant day. Thanks Gail for organising it.
In order, left to right:
High Pike
Somehow CarolineJay escaped, but I’m sure she will appear in some of the other photos.
Extra photos:
*The blinking bridge – the first time I had seen this happen
*GaileyWhaley, who wanted a picture that looked like her – this does!

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