Badger Wood

As I am my father's daughter, today's decorating time in Jenny's old bedroom was spent in.......preparation (aaggh!)  The morning was spent being covered in dust from sanding the blu tack and glass bead remains on the ceiling  (yes Jenny!) whilst trying not to hyperventilate in one of those cheapy face masks.  I'm hoping several coats of paint will cover up the remaining bumps!  This afternoon it was the 'washing down' in marigolds, balancing a bucket full of sugar soap on top of the stepladder - dad would be proud!

After tea the evening was turning out rather special so I picked up the camera and took a walk into Deepcliff (Badger Wood to our family) to blow out the dust.  The light coming through the trees was lovely and the bilberries are greening up nicely.

I think it looks better on the black background.

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