creative lenna

By creativelenna

new dining table plus!

Steve and I picked out this set made from mango wood on Friday morning: The table, which can be made smaller when you store the leaf, 4 chairs, the bench you see here and the sideboard piece with drawers & cabinets on the far right. My mom had given us a very rustic dining table, which I liked because it reminded me of my mom & dad. It had been in their kitchen for a while. But Steven never really liked it. It has planks of wood that are a bit uneven and it was very narrow, plus the chairs were not all that comfortable. We'd go back & forth about keeping it (me) and getting something else (him)!! 

After much discussion I finally decided to bend, but insisted I wanted a new sideboard serving piece to match as our old kitchen cart was not cutting it. The good news is, my mom said she could use her table again and we have already delivered it to her - whoo hoo!!  Everyone is happy : ) 

There are more blips (I've just caught up) if you use the arrow above & work back. 

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