The Pack

Determined to 'do something' with my family this Bank Holiday weekend,  I negotiated a half-a-day-commitment from them, which ended up being a family dog walk followed by lunch out at The Flying Shuttle.

It was a great success, people chatted to each other without the distraction of screens, and the dog was beside herself with happiness at all her 'pack' being out together.  (This largely manifests itself with her jumping wildly through the rape seed crop and barking excitedly).

Back home in time to fit in some revision and re-think the size of the evening meal that needs to be cooked.

For the eagle eyed amongst you, yes the dog is yellow in this photo..and somewhat sticky....  But in a happy coincidence she was booked to be clipped today so we now have a much neater looking dog this evening.  Please see the extra photo for the before and after picture.

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