Today has been planned for some time.  There was only a slight variation.  

We were anticipating jet lag and true to form were wide awake at 4.30.  We both thought it would be a little earlier though and we’d go back to bed.  Instead, we headed up onto the moors for a walk with Little Dog.  By the time we were out, the sun was up but the rays were only shining down over Harrogate.  It felt really chilly but good to be getting our bodies working again after too long sitting down.  

As much as I enjoy holidays, I do like to come home.  So, where else would we go but to my favourite hut?  Despite the flat light, the cloud formations were beautiful.

On the way down, something caught all of our eyes… a deer!  Not so far away either.  It had spotted us and started leaping away but came back to check where we were before finally heading off.  That helped with the re-energising!

I think I’ve said it before but until today, I’ve never seen a deer on the moors.

Anyway, the planned part was still to come.  Breakfast with Little Dog in Ilkley at our favourite cafe.  CJ made her way in first on the end of the lead as usual awaiting her treats from Stephania.  

She wasn’t disappointed.  And neither were we!

Jet lag is kicking in big time for both of us but I’m enjoying catching up with my photos and back drinking caffeinated coffee again! 

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