1000 Blips ... OMG!!!

Well, who would have thought! Definitely not me.  I have managed to reach a huge milestone in my life. 1000 blips. Its a big deal for me.  And by popular vote, I did make a cake, red velvet, as I am going to be sharing this with some friends, and I know they love my red velvet.  It HAD to be pink, of course, no guesses there, and I love cherry blossoms ... so pink cherry blossom cake.  

I haven't baked a cake for myself since April 2009 ... when I had a big birthday.  So it was kinda weird baking for myself (and Blip!).  

It's been a good Sunday too.  Had a great church service, followed by lunch with the clan.  Then we went over to a friend's to watch The Equaliser, goodness me.  What a thrilling movie, so different for Denzel.

It's a long weekend here in HK, so I'll have the boys around for a bit.

I've been pretty irregular with blipping lately, and that's mostly because I'm not getting up to much with my knee in this brace.  But I hope to continue and blip as often as I can.  

Thank you to all who care to read my journal and comment.  Blipping has certainly opened my eyes to a wider world and I'm proud to say that I have 'friends' all over the place.  

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