North Street Arcade , Keighley

Had  busy day with mum and dad, visited a family grave in Utley to check it was still neat and tidy, and then went on to Cliffe Castle. The wedding dress exhibition was great, I loved the 1920's best, but so interesting to see how they evolved over the decades.

Then went for lunch at For Teas, the 1940's themed café in Keighley, which was wonderful.

A quick wander around Keighley which was interesting given mum and dad remember it from the 1930's. We went through the newly restored North Street arcade which is nicely done, but not many   shops within it are occupied. The gargoyles are done by Alexander Frank Smith, 1862 - 1950's, and the arcade itself was designed by Judson and Moore architects, built in 1898. A little gem, that needs to be better utilised.

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