Flashback Friday: Harvard Commencement- 1979

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was Harvard's 364th commencement so I thought I would post an image of my graduation in 1979.  This old photo is especially precious to me because it includes the two most important women in my life; my grandmother and dear aunt.  They were always my biggest supporters and I insisted that they attend the graduation. It doesn't matter a bit that the photo is slightly out of focus, my memories are crystal clear.

Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, of West Germany, was our commencement speaker.  German unification was still 11 years away.  The world was a very different place in 1979 and it is hard not to think of all that has transpired during the past 36 years. 

I lived with my aunt in Brighton, Massachusetts while I attended Harvard and we would sit up late into the night and talk about all sorts of things. My extra photo was taken at her house after I returned from commencement. Next to my grandmother, my aunt was the most important influence in my life.  I miss them both terribly.

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