The silence of snow

Rain overnight, snow from soon after dawn, it started to settle by 7.30am. Snow falling on wet ground and vegetation is the main reason for it's heavy wet quality.

Best viewed large for detail and that cold feeling ;-)

And it kept on settling. I was home by 10.30am, an interesting trip home in a 2-wheel drive car.

The hunter is excited. His ponds have frozen over. He's less excited with my suggestion to try walking across one of them and let me know how he gets on ;-)

The Fur Child is unimpressed with today's snow. I always take him outside for a brief experience. He's always keen to get back inside.

I was tempted to run this afternoon. But off-road style Ashley gumboots slithered around so I opted for a far more sensible walk around the river.

As I told the hunter, yes, I'm warm. Yes, my lights flicker a bit but my power is still on. Yes, I have plenty of food and supplies.

Independent woman aren't I? :-)

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