Crickhowell says "No"

Arrived in my small hometown to find windows and lampposts festooned with posters declaring:
Keep Crickhowell unique
To a convenience store
It did not take long to discover that the store in question was Tesco, or maybe the Co-op, and the venue they had their eyes on was the former Corn Exchange, used latterly as a pub, in the heart of this old market town.
To convert it into a supermarket would have been a travesty destroying forever the colourful quirky nature of the place.
Such was the anger at this outrageous proposal that it united the town and they have seen off that proposal.
Another idea has been put on the table: to convert the building into flats with small retail units, a much more sensible idea.

This is not just nimbyism. Wales depends on tourism and Crickhowell is at the apex of what is now known as the "golden triangle" Hay, Brecon and Crickhowell. 
To place a supermarket , especially Tesco with its bad image, in the middle of this old town starts to destroy everything that people value about the place.

For more information about the campaign go to :

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