Bookshops in Hay

My favourite bookshop in Hay (the town of books) now sells “hand made kitchens and rustic antiques”. Another, which always had a good selection of art books, is an estate agent specialising in holiday cottages.
Honesty boxes alongside temporary bookstalls in the open air were once  quirky installations inside the grounds of Hay castle. Now they proliferate on every side-street.
This  sleepy market town on the Welsh Borders  which launched the international franchise of Hay Book Festivals  and was a hub for all second hand books has seen so many bookshops close here in the last few years . 
In their place are cafes, antique shops, and expensive craft shops.
On the other hand those that are surviving are moving into specialist area like limited editions or niche markets. I came across a first edition of Dylan Thomas poetry for £400 and first edition of Ian Fleming Goldfinger for £750.
And the cause of all this ? the internet and Amazon.


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