Half an Angel

This morning dawned wet and chilly. But I wasn't awake for that. I woke up about 9:30AM, and it was still wet and chilly then too! But we went straight out after breakfast in search of Blips!

I'd seen this statue outside a church which we pass on the way home from Jeri's, and wanted to photograph it. I've been searching online for information about it and can find very little. I do think it's St Catherine's Anglican church though. There is no information at all to be found re the statue.

I do know the inscription on the metal panel reads "Those we cherish in life we never cease to love" Which is true sentiment, if possibly stating the obvious!

After getting our shots for the day we went for a visit to Bri's Mum's, then for a "few bits" from Morrison's which ended up costing £50-odd! 

A good afternoon of watching Rugby League followed all that. I love Magic Weekend!

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