... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

... and then Mrs. emerged!

More impressive a Goosle in large.
Back blip

I had a lovely time back in London, and managed to fit in a Goosle visit! Mr. spent most of the time mooching on the island (standing in a hollow under the tree in which Mrs. is nesting) which was sad, but there was lots else going on on the pond so it was fun photographically. Then, finally, Mrs. emerged and both came ashore so that Mrs. could graze and have a wash before returning to the nest.
I really struggled to choose my blip, and picked this one because it was an exhilarating moment (rather than for photographic quality).

I've uploaded a set to Flickr (right from here) including large mallard ducklings, large Canada goslings, various other Egyptian geese (the Impostles on Long Pond, and others), and other adult birds on both Eagle and Long Ponds.

Highlights (blip shortlist):
Mallard flapping dry
Pretty Egyptian goose and wildflowers
Impostles being territorial (with tongue sticking out! My fav.)
Female mallard being chased
Flapping mallardling
Mrs. flapping

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