Watch With Mother

Now an established annual event, today I shared a day at the Cricket with mum. Given her allegiance footballwise to Newcastle, summers bring us together able to cheer on the same team.
30 years ago my Dad turned up on my door step 6 days before my finals.
" Oh hello Dad, what are you doing in Leeds?"
" Come to take you to the Test Match"  that would be 5 consecutive days to you North Americans
"But I've got my finals next week"
"If you don't know it now after 5 years you never will"
"Oh, OK"
I went to the cricket with him, he slept on the floor, we ate curry's out and yes I passed my finals the following week. We made a plan to return the next year - he'd passed on before the next year. You make space for these things and have memories to cherish and nourish for a lifetime.

So mum and I arrive with picnic and watch Adam Lythe make his maiden century for England, Alistair Cook become England's all time highest run scorer. A game played honestly, respectfully, hard and for fun _ as FIFA goes into meltdown, a bit of this on the soccer playing fields would be welcome. Mum and I gently shoot the breeze, watched the drama unfold, simply content and comfortable in each others company, knowing whatever the result on the field, days like these bring enduring happiness whatever the future brings.

Todays Blipfoto is of the Yorkshire Tea Band- with mugs on their heads - kind of reminds me of Bill and Ben and Trumpton that I watched with mum before I started going to school.

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