So after a full and busy day I met up with Kris and Robbie up in the City Cafe as Kris had arranged for us to do an interview for Boiler Room TV ahead of the big event they are putting on in Edinburgh tomorrow. They wanted to do a piece about the club scene in Edinburgh in the nineties so Kris asked Robbie and I who are two of his techno dad mates.

I'm not normally massive on nostalgia for stuff like that, there's people I miss from those days, but special or not there's no point in missing club nights as there's plenty of good stuff on these days, maybe not with as much regularity, but I'm too old to cope with as much regularity these days. I was kind of worried that it might feel like a bit of a things aren't as good as they used to be piece, but I don't think it did. I guess there's a chance it might come out like that in the edit, but I don't think so as none of the three of us feel like that. We'll not find out for a few weeks yet anyway as it won't go online straight away.

Looking forward to part two and the actual Boiler Room party tomorrow.

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