Blipmeet Leamington Spa

What a super day I've had.
The lovely Chrysanthemum organised a Blipmeet in Leamington Spa in honour of MummaHen's visit from New Zealand. Also there were JohnH1989, Lozarithm, and non-Blippers but very valued supporters, Mr Chrysanthemum and Mr MummaHen (or maybe Pappa).
We didn't stop talking for getting on for 4 hours and then it was time to go our separate ways. Meanwhile we had enjoyed a lovely saunter through Jephson Gardens and back to the Pump Rooms, where we had lunch outside in the gorgeous sunshine. 
The photo above shows (l-r) JohnH1989, Chrysanthemum, CoffeePotter, MummaHen.
I realised as I arrived in the morning that I knew no-one's first names, so as soon as I spotted a lady with a camera in the Pump Rooms I had to greet her with "Are you Chrysanthemum?". Luckily she was. 
How good it was to meet up with them and what lovely people they all were. 
Thanks so much C for organising it. 

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