Early morning - back garden

We have lots of blue tits and great tits visiting our bird feeders at the moment, as we have various nests and offspring scattered around close by. However - do you think that they will come to feed when I get my camera out? No way.
I managed to capture this one great tit - I think that they are spending most of their time feeding the young right now.
The extra pic is the view looking down from our bedroom window at about 6 am today. I would have preferred the lilac-coloured wisteria, but this one was already mature when we bought the house, so choosers and beggars both spring to mind.  No birds - but the wisteria smelt heavenly. 
I left home at 8:30 am today and arrived back at 9:45 pm, so I'm afraid that my comments may once more be on the sparse side of anything. 

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