I'm a Fun Guy

I've spotted that there is a "Tiny Tuesday" challenge now, which I believe is following the "MayMacroMayhem" which is obviously now finished.
These tiny little fungi are in our kitchen.
No, we haven't got a problem with damp. I'm about to sauté them and serve them with some wholewheat pasta and a bit of a sauce which I will concoct from the cooking juices and an egg yolk. 
At work today I tried on a 3D Virtual Reality Headset. It's for the architects that I work with, so that they can show clients around the buildings that they have designed. It was absolutely amazing. However, after I removed it, I felt dizzy and sick for about the next 2 hours. After a bit of research, I found that "virtual environments" effect women more than men. It's all to do with hormones evidently, and there have been tests made in gender clinics that confirm this. 
I've decided I'm definitely not going to change gender, even if that does mean that I could use a Virtual Reality Headset without feeling nauseous. I can still be a Fun Guy though.

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