By CoffeePotter

Who's that following me?

Following a very lazy morning (both youngsters slept for 12 hours last night) we then went into Lyme Regis intending to go to the town museum to see their fossil collection amongst other things.

At the first ice cream stop, I realised I'd left the baby's shoes behind as he was asleep when we had set off. I'd seen some "jelly" shoes and thought they'd do - cheap and cheerful and ideal for the beach later on. Until I saw the price, a whopping £17. I must admit they were high quality jelly shoes, but they would only fit him for a few weeks. We then spotted the ideal solution, £25 shoes in the sale for £10. Sorted. Plus they have an inbuilt squeak, different for each foot. He loves them and it's such a novelty for him every time he puts his foot down. I made sure the squeak is easily removable before parting with my hard earned piece of plastic.

Next stop Boots to buy replacement reins for those I lost on the fossil walk yesterday. I expect sometime in the future someone will find fossilised reins adjacent to the ammonites I had to jettison to enable me to walk. Reins were reduced price and I used some Boots points to buy them - double money-saving whammy.

So off we toddled to the museum. Squeak, squawk, squeak, squawk. Great hilarity all round with everyone chuckling.
Museum was extremely interesting with super exhibits for dinosaur-mad youngsters.

We then squeaked our way back to the Cobb, and some serious sand castle building. Clive let Kai have a go too.

Beck was delighted with the sand and squeaked his way across the beach, frightening the sea gulls.
Here he is inspecting his new squeakers.

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