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Zoo Trip #47: Slimbridge WWT (Tuesday 26 May 2015)

I was accompanied by C. on this trip to celebrate my recent birthday at Slimbridge. We drove cross country via Malmesbury Waitrose (for coffee take-outs) and arrived at midday. It was quite busy as it was a school holiday but once inside the crowds thinned out. We saw the cranes and had a picnic in the Garden Of Reflection outside the Martin Smith Hide before viewing the estuary from the top of the Holden Tower.

I had hoped to see a kingfisher or hear a bittern near the Kingfisher Hide, but these minor ambitions will have to be held over for another time. C's wishes to see black swans and mandarin ducks were both met, I'm pleased to say. I was also pleased to see one of the resident Bewick's swans sitting on a nest right beside a path, seemingly unconcerned by the attention she was getting from well-wishers.

The stars of the day were the American river otters Flo and her daughters Minnie and Haha, who put on a great show at feeding time, and I learned a few more facts about them during the talk. We covered most of the grounds, finishing up at the Discovery Hide, where we saw cranes, oystercatchers, herons and many other birds enjoying the fine weather in a perfect habitat. It was a luxury to make the journey back along the tiny Cotswold back roads in perfect daylight, too.

The Extra images show the mandarin and expectant Bewick's.

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