Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo


A beautifully sunny weekend. Yesterday, I went out playing on the bike. The Strava section names are good - Bradwell Common gave us "I wanna be like common people" whilst Stacy Bushes came out as, ahem, Stacey's Bush.

Today was the local classic car show - the high street and Market square were filled with more or less desirable classics. My favourite was a lovely Frogeye Sprite but a Riley special came close. There were quite a few Morgans present but were mostly rather soulless recent models with lots of polished leather and no sign of being used. There was a quite nice '39 4/4 which had been used in trials in the 50s. A few brash yank cars provided a nice contrast to the usual Minors and MGBs.

And, on the way back, there was this rather lovely E-Type FHC.

The plan was to have a day off running (using yesterday's bike ride as an excuse) but, late in the afternoon, the sun was too much to resist and I squeezed in a run along the dead canal.

Work tomorrow.... Sigh.

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