Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

It's not cricket

Well, technically, it probably is...

Yesterday, warming up for tennis, I thought "There's something not right here...". I'd forgotten my glasses. I used to wear them all the time but, since I've got old, I have to take them off to read. And then I forget them. It turned out I didn't need them!

Today, cycled in - setting several records on Strava - quite easy to do on only the second ride. Will get successively harder.

At lunchtime, Andy and I watched other guys from our team playing in the 6 a side cricket competition.

Unlike the 6 a side football competition, which is the pinnacle of sporting excellence, the cricket 6 a side competition is a bit of fun.

Andy videoed the game although we realised that our comments would constitute an interesting soundtrack to the footage should the players ever see it. Luckily, Andy pressed the pause button every time the bowler ran up and started it again once the ball was dead. So we have lots of footage of his feet. Steve was quite keen to see the video replay of the wicket that he took but I'm sure that he found Andy's shoes an excellent substitute.

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