Ben has been having extra help with his maths studies with Ronan, a French research chemist at Cambridge University who also does tutoring. 

In an extraordinary co-incidence, 5 years ago I emergency-enlisted the help of his wife for James with a French controlled assessment.  I had been trying to help James (neither of us gifted in the languages department) with French homework and even with my limited ability I could tell that 'google translate' was not correct.  Just half an hour later I happened to be in the library - over the road from our house - standing behind a French lady whom, in a spur of inspiration, got to come over the road and look at James's work.... which she did.

"You-hoo James ...please come downstairs, I've got someone to look at your French translation....." (I'm sure you can imagine his mortification).

Anyway 5 years later, Ronan was a coincidental find, though I figured out the connection quite quickly.  He's been really great, supplying that extra patient support, and has given Ben a lot more confidence in his abilities.  

Today is the last time he will come to our house as Ben's last maths exam is tomorrow, and I realised I'd never blipped him, so here he is.

Of course the photo was another huge Mum-embarrassing-her-child-moment. 

Shucks I'm going to have to get in a few more before they all leave :-)


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