Winchester Criterium 2015

Today started with my weigh in. I've lost a further 500 g this week, which is in the right direction but not as much as the 750 g it should have been. However I've been analysing my daily weight fluctuation, and it's very noisy, though the daily change is an average of -129 g, the standard deviation is 422 g, which means it really could be anything from a loss of around -1 kg to a gain of 0.75 kg on any day and I'd still be on track. Makes you realise that worrying about the odd half kilo is neither here nor there. For women the variation can easily be larger too!

After a light breakfast we took the trains down to Winchester. We have free Goldcard tickets to use and while we could have cycled we thought it may be busy and a pain to lock bikes, plus I don't fancy clomping around in cycling shoes. We arrived for one of the categorised races, then saw the tail end of one of the boys races, a girls race and another categorised race. This blip is from the boys race, were we had a good left right bend to get good angles from. We collected our cow-bells and had a good day out.

In the evening we watched Brad break the one-hour cycle record, and after dinner I made a batch of rhubarb and ginger jam. As the jam has lots of sugar in it, I won't be having much if any of it...!

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