Sneaky Nasty

This is the final week in this years CrossFit Open. 15.5 was a nasty little couplet of rowing (for calories) and thrusters (43kg) based on the rep scheme 27-21-15-9. For time. As usual we rocked up to the box at 6.30am ready for action. I was a little nervous to be honest. Last year there were thrusters at the same weight and I struggled really badly, it was just too heavy for me at that time. 1 year later and they were definitely not easy but manageable. I maybe couldn’t rack them out but I was always able to get at least 3 or 4 each attempt. AND unlike last year I was actually able to finish this WOD – 16 minutes 56 seconds. I’ll take that thank you very much! :-)
Also, since last year I have massively moved up our box’s leader board. I finished 2nd last out of about 27 people last year. Currently I’m in 11th of 32! Very pleased with that! Progress, progress, progress!

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