New day - new beginnings

By gudnypalina

My parents in law

Today I drove from Akureyri to Reykjavík. I stopped a few times on the way, and at one stop I visited my grandmother's grave in Melstaður, in Miðfjörður. She was my father's mother, and died long before I was born. I had never visited her grave, and it was nice to do so. 
When I arrived in Reykjavík I went to see my parents in law. They have recently moved to a nursing home, and are quite content with it, although of course it's a big change in their lives. But they couldn't longer stay at home, so this was the only option. They were happy to see me, and in good spirits as they just had a visit from their granddaughter Hrund. 
Afterwards I run some errands, and went for a walk by the sea in a really beautiful weather. Then I bought some food at Gló restaurant and took it with me to my good friend Rósa. We had dinner together and talked a lot, before I continued my drive to Keflavík, where I stayed the night at my mother's place.
P.S. There are some extra photos. One of my grandmother's grave, and another from Reykjavík seaside.

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