One in the eye

Sorry Harold, just couldn't resist it.

Still b...... Windy and really cheesed off with it now.

Pegasus Bridge this morning followed by a tortuous trip around Caen and an even more trying trip trying to find our hotel in Dinan in the rush hour.

Rant not quite over. The car was tucked away in the underground car park at the hotel in fabulous Deauville, only to find someone who couldn't drive properly had scraped it along the near side bumper. JJ is not a happy bunny. Rant over.

We stopped in Bayeux for lunch and a look at the tapestry, which is huge, I wouldn't have managed that on my knee. Our visit to the very impressive cathedral was curtailed by a funeral. So difficult removing visitors but necessary under the circumstances. I'm adding it to Hobb's wide angle Wednesday topic of Modern because the armour was modern in 1066.

Many thanks for the stars and hearts yesterday. Dinner beckons.

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