Summer Field near Beverungen

The Bever brook is the lower part of a small stream joining the Weser River in Beverungen. Its waters are rather clean. As we could see this afternoon as we walked upstream for a while. Crossing the brook over a bridge in reconstruction to reach the fields where we could find our donkey friends and the goats. Especially Willemien has often cycled round this part of the outskirt lands of Beverungen. For me making this walkaround near Westphalia’s bordertown made me curious: what views and perspectives, unexpected niches, bushes, flowers, romantic corners would we encounter in this rather dull backyard region.

And indeed, even near the busy country traffic way I found small corners, full of grain and flowers, poppies, margherites. They did not fit into a larger landscape, which could hold the painters eye. But in themselves they were beautyspots sown around with a free hand, while in the distance you could still hear the splashing streaming of the Bever brook. You can still feel the presence of the old mills, ruins somwhere hidden in greens and browns. here we walk around the lower part of the Mühlenberg, the Mills Mountain, which looks proudly over the fields and outskirts of this Westphalian rivertown. The donkeys and goats where surprised - as always - that some people came along. With a tasty carrot of course. Such a pleasure when you have waiting time to spend for a car repair on a cloudy afternoon.

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