Strolling around Garden Town

Secret Gardens. In the afternoon - again - we strolled around in the neighbourhood where we live. This time we did not climb the way up. We just spiralled down to the Friedensthalstreet and followed the Lower Gartenstrasse. You feel a wonderful connectedness with this Northern part of our riverside town. Almost everywhere the old and the new houses are build on large plots. Which makes spacious gardens all around this lower part of Garden Town. When you look uphill you may still see some houses in our own street, mostly vanishing under the dense green of the uphill forest trees. Down here you see many people cultivating their garden treasures. So delightful!

And then, somewhere in the middle alongside a narrow footpath - uphill again - you can discover the hidden treasures of a secret garden. Unbelievable! It is hidden from a streetview behind a discrete and very simple, modest house. I promise I will return there later this week to make a photo which underlines the magic of my description here. For today I had to content myself with this yellow-orange rosebush. Such an eradiation of joyfull warmth. But there is a lack of intimacy and secret magic, exposed as it is to public streetview.

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