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I am at a century in my Project 365!

On thinking of a subject for today, I got wondering about the number 100 - why is it so important? In logical terms, it's just another number between 99 and 101, but what actual significance does it have? I did some brief online research...

It seems that the importance given to 100 was done so even before the decimal system was universally applied. People understood 100 to be a large number and found it easier to handle than other large numbers, and it just carried on from there!

For the image, I wanted to encapsulate the important number and moment. I came across these fresh (Krispy Kreme) doughnuts at the supermarket and they looked bright and colourful so I decided to use them. The 'one' is represented by a Mr. Kipling angel slice :)

Processed with Alien Skin.

Thanks for looking/comments/shares/favs, and your support these past 100 days!!!

Our Daily Challenge (ODC): FRESH

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