Creeping Fuschsia

After getting up at 5.30am to deposit Chris at the station, there was just time to catch up with a few e-mails before going into Peterborough to pick up some jeans for Ben. Today was his last exam, and we set off for Cambridge just after midday. It was really hot by the time we arrived, almost too hot to stroll round the Botanic Gardens once again.

I'd spotted this gorgeous little Creeping Fuchsia yesterday, growing in the Alpine House, and was determined to come back with my macro lens. It hails from New Zealand, and the flowers are multicoloured and peculiarly geometric in form. I also photographed a few plants in the Tropical House, but gave up when my glasses completely misted over and I felt as though I was going to melt into a sticky puddle. 

Ben was very happy with his exam and we were both looking forward to getting home to relax. But Cambridge had other took us nearly 40 minutes just to get out of the city, and nearly two hours to get all the way home. Pimm's in the garden has never tasted so good!

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