Calling All Angels

Angels descending, bring from above,
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.
~Fanny J. Crosby

This is a photo of one of the hummingbirds in our yard. I think there are at least three of them: Lady Greensleeves, this little long-necked lady in the photo (maybe we should name her something elegant, like Gisele?), and a ruby throat male. I have always thought of them as the flying jewels or angels of my yard. On this day, angels were needed.

The phone rang in the afternoon, and it was not good news. My oldest sister, with whom I have had many grand adventures, some of which I have shared on these pages, has been sick for some time. She had two doctor appointments this week, and progress seemed to be happening. We were feeling hopeful.

But when she got home from Friday's doctor appointment, she quit answering the phone. A friend stopped by on this day to check on her and found her responsive but confused, and too weak to get out of bed. My sister was taken by ambulance to a hospital in the Harrisburg area, and our phone rang all afternoon with updates.

The emergency room doctor called to tell me my sister's condition was critical, and they were trying to stabilize her, but she was fighting them at every turn. She needed transfusions, ultrasounds. Eventually, they were able to do those things. My sister would be moved from the emergency room into intensive care later in the day.

My father and one of his sisters and my younger sister (who live closer than I) went immediately to be with her, and they reported some improvement upon their return. My family is coordinating visits, and I expect to see my sister within the coming day or two. I have spoken with her on the phone and she is improving somewhat, but it will take some time.

I do not tend to come here asking for anything, but I have a special request today.  I ask that anyone viewing this page say a prayer for my sister, or send an angel, or send positive thoughts and beams of healing white light.

Specifically, we are praying for improvements in my sister's health, in mind and body and spirit; wisdom and skilled hands for the doctors and nurses who treat her; eventually for full healing for my sister; and for peace and good judgment for the family and all who love her. Thank you from my family and especially from me.

The song is a favorite, sung by Jane Siberry and KD Lang: Calling All Angels.

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