Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Dark loch

This is Loch Eck, just to the north of Dunoon. From above, it appears black even on blue-sky days, presumably because the hills on either side rise so steeply above it. I've heard people say they find it oppressive, depressing, but I love it.

Today we were walking high above the loch on the eastern shore. The hillsides are covered with the most extraordinary profusion of plants at this time of year: purple rhododendrons, as here, but also yellow azaleas, white hawthorn blossom, creamy rowan blossom, patches of bluebells. The scents when the sun shines are intoxicating. Yesterday I was feeling a bit flat after Synod, rather wondering if living in the city again would be more stimulating than life in a small town. But a walk like this afternoon's helps to restore equilibrium.

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