Happy 10th Anniversary to us . . .

This is how clever my husband Steven is with selfies, he's holding his small waterproof camera, an Olympus "Tough" TG-630, out at arm's length to accomplish this. It doesn't  really look like he's doing that, does it? This was taken after dinner at South Beach Restaurant, Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island. We paid for our delicious dinner and walked off the porch onto the beach! The scene was complete with chairs & benches. We watched the sunset and took some photographs. What a lovely way to spend our 10th wedding anniversary, truly. I have a page on my website I have kept all these years, even when updating the site, with photos of our wedding in 2005. It starts with our story - we met at ages 15 & 16 but did not marry until 33 years later! 

I will add an "extra" photo of Steve taking another double selfie of us, riding on the electric cart we rented. It was a most enjoyable and slow way to get around. These couple of days away gave us the chance to slow down, talk & reconnect -it was wonderful! I think Steve took some of my favorite photos of the trip ❤ I also added one from a board at the lighthouse museum which shows an aerial view of the island. 

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