Standing tall against the wintry sky are the double-masts of the auxiliary schooner called M V Tuhoe. The Tuhoe was built in Auckland, NZ in 1919 and is named after the Maori tribe Tuhoe, meaning 'the children of the mist'.

Today's Mono Monday theme is 'Angle', I think these tall vintage masts fit the challenge. I've given them a vintage feel in keeping with the era, many angles can be seen.

Thanks to JDO for hosting this months Mono Monday.

I've hardly been home today, taking R to Day care while mum and I had some jobs to do. On picking R up he was more confused today and said he wasn't going back there, hopefully the arrival of his daughter tomorrow will give him something else to think about.

And I've got the night off cooking tea, Daughter E is in the kitchen preparing live mussels and a lovely white wine/herb sauce, sounds delish!

Happy Monday everyone :)


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