The UFO Has Landed

It has taken awhile, but I can finally walk like a normal person, and I am in a really good mood. Kathy, my Pilates coach, has been nagging me about the fact that I don't completely straighten one knee, which I injured just before we moved and never really finished rehabbing before carrying boxes and furniture up and down the stairs. After two years, my brain has finally grasped the connections between that knee and the rest of my body. I spent years teaching other people how to make these connections, but couldn't seem to apply them to myself. I went to a class this morning, and was able to do everything…even the dread balancing exercises. I am very grateful to Kathy.

Two guys came this morning, backed their truck right up to curving, uneven steps (see extra photo) leading from the driveway to the gate outside our bedroom, put some big boards over the steps to turn them into a ramp and hauled our new hot tub (actually, a "spa") up them right onto the concrete pad designed for it. I will reserve judgement on its resemblance to an overgrown bathtub/UFO which has accidentally landed in our private little patio until we get it up and running and David builds a deck around it. 

I have been thinking about the fact that it will soon be the end of my third year with Blipfoto. I have two Blipfoto 365 books marking my first two years, and would love to have a third one, but with no one at the helm of Blipfoto that doesn't seem to be an option this year (as I know some of you have learned to your cost when you ordered one and then got caught out by the changes before you could finish it). Has anybody found a workable alternative?

My second extra photo is a shot of the full size Tasmanian Flax plant, just to give an idea of how tiny the flowers are.

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